Think about your Carbon Footprint and Choose Green Energy

By | January 12, 2016

In an ever changing world where our population continues to grow our need for survival depends on our continual use of natural resources. In the western world our economy is built on the basis of energy consumption and this is what needs to happen to fuel the economy to enable it to continue to run. We have the luxury where energy can be supplied to our households with a touch of button or a flick of the switch. Where cars can be driven simply by refuelling at the petrol station. For many of us, we have learnt to believe that this energy is everlasting and will be here long before we leave the earth. However, reality is it may not be for our future generations, every time we flick that switch to turn on the light bulb, or take that short drive to pick up a carton of milk down the road, we are leaving a carbon footprint ? the amount of carbon dioxide released into the Earths Atmosphere from the result of such activities that harm the Earth eventually peeling layers off the ozone layer. This may not be immediate but it is like a giant iceberg melting away in the warmth it may take hundreds or even thousands of years but one day it will disappear. Only by thinking smarter about the amount of carbon footprint we leave behind during our day to day activities and promoting green energy as individuals, communities or corporations, we can begin to combat the effects of our carbon footprint to preserve the Earth for our future generations to come. For example, choose to use of green energy such as solar or even wind turbines. Ride a bicycle whenever possible rather than driving the car. Car pool if you can. Even something as simple as moving houses, by choosing the right local removalist who know the roads will make a big difference or if you are moving interstate trying sharing a truck with others usually called back-loading, more often than not rates are even lower due for that very reason. There are so many things we can do and it pays to be creative so remember to think twice about your carbon footprint and whenever possible choose Green Energy.